This is a website to learn about positive animal training.  While it is applicable or adaptable to all animals, the focus here will be dogs on account of I just love ‘em!

By ‘learn about positive training’ I mean to prepare you to train up some awesome behaviors with your dog using positive techniques which admittedly require a bit of a knack.  I will do my best to summarize the essential terminology and demonstrate many clever methods which I have learned over the last decade of intensive study on the matter. 

The goal of these training techniques is to end up with a well-balanced, calm, happy, clicker savvy dog.  One which understands a number of foundational behaviors and has learned how to learn.  Having a clicker savvy dog will enable you to train new behaviors very quickly and efficiently in a manner that is challenging and entertaining for both you and your dog. 

Under the “Pup Progress” tab you will see how it all begins as well as a number of selected topics of interested addressed by specific videos I have made over the years.  Click and the topic you care about and see some concise videos on the matter.

YouTube Channel:

See several hundred free videos featuring admittedly poor production value but extremely accurate and up to date information about the science of getting animal behavior on cue.  I like dogs but the tools and techniques depicted work on rabbits, birds, pigs, squirrels, mice, rats, horses, and even fish (use a light instead of a clicker).  In short, every living animal will repeat behavior which is reinforced and that is precisely the feature of being alive which we exploit (nicely) to cause behavior to occur when cued.

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