Hand Targeting with Rosie over 1st Breakfast

This is my very first session with Rosie.  It is a fun training over breakfast session about hand targeting.  By the end of the video, you can see that her behavior is getting quite on point...in one single breakfast session!
My main goal is to feed breakfast in a mentally and physically challenging way, and to teach fundamental behaviors that can be used later to teach all manner of behaviors.  Day one was hand targeting because it is easy for both trainer and trainee and is a good way to get the party started.  Soon, we will be working on the Target Stick and the Target Mat.  These tools are the building blocks for every subsequent behavior Rosie will learn.  Getting down pat in the first week will make training Rosie a piece of cake when she returns to her family.

Why not have Rosie pick up a new word or two over an interesting and fun breakfast or dinner meeting?  Learn a new behavior, or assign a new cue?  Why not?



Charging the Clicker with Rosie

Here is a super quick getting started guide with Rosie.  Initially, we are clicking for no reason, followed immediately by a treat.  We want to strongly associate the clicking noise with the subsequent presentation of a treat.

In this case, the treat is standard kibble at breakfast time.  No free lunch around here.  We make Rosie work for it because that's what she wants to do!

This video features a practical use of hand targeting as well as an illustration of a release cue which should be implement early and often with every behavior asked for.  All behaviors should persist until the release cue is given.



Day Two - Rosie and the Target Stick

Rosie was quite reticent about the Target Stick at first.  Patience paid off obviously because over the course of a single meal she got this behavior on a loop and learned the cue for the behavior ("touch").

Again, you can see that a meal earned is sweeter than a free lunch.  Rosie is clearly enjoying her meal as she makes the world click by her behavior.  Being in control is fun and confidence building for Rosie.



Rosie's first time on the Mat

Rosie is working with her mat for the first time.  Sorry about the barking on these vids, it is Hurley (not any of my dogs).  He needs some lessons!

You can see that Rosie is clicker savvy now.  She knows how to learn new words and behaviors and it's simply a matter of getting the two of you on board to teach her in the style to which she has grown accustomed.  Rosie is bringing a calm alertness to the game that makes her a pleasure to work with and has such intelligence as to appreciate the game of learning.

Of course, behavior trained at my house has to be retrained at your house, but it goes very quickly since it is the second time around (or third).  Same goes for the trainer.  If I train Rosie to do something, you still have to train the behavior yourself and get the behavior on cue before you can expect it to work for you.

After that, it is about proofing the behavior in more and more places and improving the reliability of the cue until it is rock solid!



Refreshments with Rosie

This is breakfast, only more fun, mentally stimulating, and physically active than your regular eat it out of a bowl situation.  This is uncut 4 and a half minutes of breakfast time where the criteria was the behavior of getting on the mat.  We are moving the mat frequently to proof the idea that it is the mat, not the place where the mat is that we are reinforcing in this case.  If fed this way indefinately  around clever learning or more and more things, you would have a service-quality behavior in less than ten minutes a day!

The End


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