Ginger's first time with the ball

Ginger doesn't seem very interested in the ball.  Let's see what we can do about that



Ginger T chasing 'dead squirrel'

This was a 7 minute training session which I condensed to a couple of minutes.  You can see Ginger T. move from complete indifference to the 'squirrel' to a few minutes later ripping away at it. 



ginger t interracting more with ball

Getting Ginger T. interested in toys, balls, frisbees, etc. has been a tough road.  Just the same Positive Reinforcement affects how you feel about something and Ginger T. is definately coming around!  More to come.



Ginger T starts to fetch the ball

The first few seconds of this video depict Ginger T's first interaction (or lack thereof) with a ball.  A few weeks later you can see the marked improvement in Ginger T's willingness to interact with a ball..

The End

Ginger T

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