Dinner Time! (w/ Titles)

Starring Charlie and Jake Roush



Breakfast Basket

Charlie learns to place the ball in the basket upon retrieve.  This is breakfast time.  The only reward is the very kibble which is his breakfast


Charlie and Lola waiting on Platforms

Here, perhaps you will see the value of a platform.  Dogs just seem to know where to go right 'out of the gate,' so to speak.  Notice how a failure is no big deal.  Wait gets reward.  Dismount does not.  Do the cosmic arithmetic and you will quickly see that these dogs seem to have a calculator built in as well!  A key point in this video has to do with the immediate lowering of criteria upon failure, and, equally important, sure and swift elevation of criteria upon success.  Your dogs are smart, no need to patronize...



Charlie takes the Flashlight challenge

Here, Bethany wants to know how long it would take Charlie to learn a brand new behavior.  He has never touched this flashlight before.



Charlie with Frisbee fun

Charlie and I are good buds.  You can see, more so than training, he just needs a coherent explanation of what your're after.  At that point, he simply delivers the goods without delay!  That's how the Aussie's role.  Incidentally, this footage was shot ten minutes ago and is published unedited.



Charlie learns that a muzzle is a treat straw

Positive muzzle training is as easy as it is essential.  This is Charlie's third session on the topic, and the first where the strap has been fixed.  You can see Charlie is happy to receive it and even more delighted with the high value treats offered!  Please don't use a muzzle which "grabs the dogs face" and does not allow treating while being worn...it is a difficult matter to train positively and as such stressful and anxiety provoking for you dog.  T



Charlie Doing Important Work

Sometimes the remote is too far away to reach...



Jake Roush and Charlie get their nails done

Jake Roush and Charlie take turns here.  There are two Pet Tutors in play and they are being triggered manually, and automatically  for 25 seconds at a time (every six seconds).  While one is being treated by me for nail trimming behavior, the other is treated remotely by Pet Tutor.  Then, vice-versa.    Remember it is as much work, and therefore equally reinforceable to remain on your mat as it is to come to me and perform for treats.  Bother activities must be reinforced.



Remote Training with Charlie

Getting ready for Monday is going very well.



Mealtime is about Fun and Learning for Charlie

BetC dropped by with an old friend.  One of my favorites ever...it's Charlie!  We are going to enjoy some standard kibble and demonstrate how we can use mealtime to get brand new behaviors happening.  It makes for a fun and mentally challenging meal, as well as some physical activity by all the parties.  This is much more fun and rewarding then if Charlie were to get a bowl of food set down in front of him.



Charlie learns a service behavior

Here, you see Charlie very quickly learning to distinguish between "shoes" and "slippers."   Minutes later, he uses that distinction to bring me the requested article with stunning accuracy.  He is an amazing boy!  As mostly, we are working for straight kibble here, business as usual.  Just having a little fun over dinner.


Charlie's Nail Spa

Charlie came by for a few days with a desire to get super smooth and safe nails. Here is the "Super Positive but Outrageously Effective Nail Trim Protocol" we utilized over breakfast each morning. This is regular kibble we are working for and aren't we having more fun than the "bowlers"? (The "bowlers" eat there meals out of a bowl. No excitement. No mental challenge. No physical challenge. No fun...)


Charlie Cleaning up His Toys

Ultimately, we are going to have a 3 dog cooperative room cleaning effort. For Charlie's part, we have to remove any debris off the floor in preparation for Willow to operate Roomba. Here we go!


Muzzle Work

Positive training with Muzzle. Basket muzzle allows for reinforcement (even off the ground). Practice your reinforcement without the muzzle that approximates the reinforcement with the muzzle.


Charlie on the moon

Put Charlie on mat, set timer for 30 seconds at first then increase gradually, when timer goes off treat Charlie on mat or reposition Charlie to mat if he has left. That is all there is to it. I will publish a video to show progress in a week


Exceptional Visitation Behavior Preliminary

Having made a few visits to confederates houses, I now have a pretty good idea of what it's going to take to train up some EVB (Exceptional Visitation Behavior) and I am ready to get started. This video summarizes a total of 10 minutes of video shot this very day. It is plain to see that I am reinforcing a behavior called "On Your Donut" which you see me shape into a particular, two front paws on without sticking over, end result. This is not the final behavior that I am after. In the end, "On Your Donut" is going to mean settle onto the mat, without fail, until released. I expect to get very long duration out of this behavior (like 45 minutes to an hour of complete, relaxed settlement onto this "donut." But I can't even get the party started until Charlie's approach to the mat is consistent and as I wish it to be (2 front paws on, essentially). Once the position on the mat is perfect and the cue is established, I will be ready to use this preliminary behavior to get the settle on mat behavior I am really looking forward in a great variety of places: near the easy chair, next to the kitchen, by the vanity, by the bathtub, at various places in confederates homes, etc. Note that I realized I had to teach a starting position and that my preference was a little bit awkward for Charlie and so required a separate lesson before really getting started. Just the same, it took ten minutes, not ten weeks. You need to absolutely shape up the precise behavior you are looking for, but you should be able to break it down into very efficient, quick, easy lessons.


The Road to Charlie Settling

This video is a little boring to be sure. It has to be, it is depicting how to train settle behavior. I want everyone whom I visit with Charlie to be impressed with his impeccable behavior. In order for that to happen, I have to train said behavior right here at home. This is what it looks like...


The End


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